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“Olympia on Russell” is a Joint Venture project by Girdis Group and the Greek Orthodox Community of St George South Brisbane. Girdis Group is a Brisbane based, property focused organization specializing in development and asset management. With over 50 years experience in the market, Girdis Group have delivered many successful developments including residential buildings of varying size, commercial office buildings and multi-use developments throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The Dockside Precinct at Kangaroo Point and Fisherman’s Wharf at Main Beach are just two examples of Girdis Group’s many varied and successful developments.

The Girdis Group is headed by Dr Nicholas S Girdis CBE.


Cameron Chisholm & Nicol (CCN) is a progressive group of practices with over 100 years of operation and affiliated offices in Perth and Brisbane. Since the establishment of the firm in 1884, CCN has maintained a leadership role in both design and building technology.

The CCN Group has received numerous awards for its work on the local and national level including the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal. CCN specializes in the planning and design of office buildings, retail complexes, mixed use developments, hotels and resorts. They are committed to design excellence in the built environment. CCN’s commitment to quality goes beyond design, extending to the process, the project team and the community of people who use their buildings.

Notable works produced by the Queensland group are Waterfront place, including the adjoining retail and Naldham House restoration (Brisbane Polo Club), 299 Adelaide Street and Robina Town Centre retail including peripheral planning.

CCN and Girdis Group have worked together previously to develop the residential towers within the Dockside Precinct and Bridgeport at Kangaroo Point along with Newport on Main at the Gold Coast.

The local CCN team is headed by Henry Peel.



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